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School Neuropsychological and Psycho-Educational Evaluations

Seeking school neuropsychological or psycho-educational testing can be intimidating; finding the right psychologist needs to be a vetted process. Some parents just have an instinct that something is worth a closer look. Others receive concerning feedback about how their child is progressing. In either instance, this brings up questions we will answer.


Quite naturally, you may be concerned about your child's reaction to testing. I have tested hundreds of both eager and reluctant children. 

Regardless of the starting point, invariably we came together as a team and found sound resolutions because the child or adolescent felt respected in the process. It is imperative for them to know why, in a developmentally appropriate manner, they are being tested and what the potential outcomes are. At any age, I truly believe children instinctually know what is easy and challenging to them. Gathering their impressions of themselves throughout the testing process is essential. 


School neuropsychological or psycho-educational testing should be tailored to the referral questions at hand. This said, key components of testing include assessing: broad and narrow intellectual abilities, memory and learning, executive functioning, academic skills, language abilities, attention, behavioral functioning, and personality.


Testing can take a day or multiple days to complete depending on the number of test batteries given and scales completed. We will work through a scheduling process that accommodates your family's needs. 

What to expect...

As we start....

We will schedule an informational intake meeting to discuss any and all concerns you might have. Then, we determine how to best assess and address those concerns.

Once the decision has been made to proceed, I will need the following items prior to the start of testing:

  • Your signed informed consent and notice of privacy practices (provided by me)

  • The completed Social Developmental History form (provided by me) 

  • Any testing conducted previously, as well as past and current school records

  • Any forms asked of you or school staff to complete (paper based and/or electronic) (provided by me) 

On the day(s) of testing:

  • Try not to stray from usual morning routines.

  • Please bring a snack or lunch, depending on the length of testing for that day. We will be sure to take necessary breaks.

After testing and evaluation of the results:

We will meet to discuss the testing results and a report will be provided to you at that time. We will take the time you need to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the results and recommendations. A goal is to empower you to have well-informed and productive conversations going forward. Far too often, I have been in situations in which families want recommendations implemented without knowing why the recommendations were suggested. Being well-informed when sharing results with other parties engenders a collaborative atmosphere, rather than one of confusion. To support this process, I am happy to speak with school personnel (with your consent) and to attend a school-based meeting with you to discuss results and recommendations. Also, I will assist with referrals to other providers based on needs that may have been uncovered during the testing process (e.g., psychological counseling, psychiatric consultation, and/or educational intervention).

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