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About Dr. Patricola Vasey

I am a licensed psychologist and certified school psychologist in both Connecticut and New York. As well, I am a Board Certified Diplomate in School Neuropsychology with the American Board of School Neuropsychology. Following a respected twenty-year school psychology career in Westchester County-based public schools, I have opened a niche private practice focused on school neuropsychological assessment in Greenwich, CT that centers on my passion for helping students understand their strengths and challenges and ascertaining the best strategies to support their growth.


I enjoy solving the “puzzle” of a child and determining the best ways for children to actualize their potential in their academic, social, and emotional lives. I am very compassionate during the testing process, knowing that children expose their most vulnerable sides during this time. To enhance the process as a valuable endeavor, I promote conversations with children and their families about observed strengths and challenges and offer strategies as they arise. This solution-focused approach yields effective and creative means to address the referral concerns at hand.


I have experience with both a preschool and school-aged population. I have extensively tested and counseled students, both on a mandated level through the Committee on Special Education and on a non-mandated level. I have addressed a large variety of educational and social/emotional needs of students, and have consulted with teachers, administrators, and parents to help students achieve their goals. In addition to sitting as a member for Committee on Special Education meetings of students, I have chaired annual review meetings for students. Further, I served on many pre-referral teams, including that of Response to Intervention initiatives. These experiences have afforded me a wide array of entry points in supporting children and has given me the knowledge of how to navigate needed services and committees that determine services. In each of my roles, I held collaboration and respect for professionals as part of a multidisciplinary team as a high priority. Building relationships across those invested in a child’s progress remains of utmost importance for me as a private practitioner.   


My extensive experience has also provided several equally rewarding professional opportunities, including becoming an integral part of social emotional learning initiatives, promoting peer-mediation programming, and co-leading training of special education teachers on best practices in educational evaluations. Additionally, I served as an adjunct professor at Mercy College with a focus on the program’s cognitive assessment coursework. I have also coached boys' varsity tennis at a high school level, previously having coached young women at a Division I Level. 


So that all parties feel that they are integral parts to the process of the work being done, I am highly approachable for questions and transparent with practices. I am committed to providing the best care possible and look forward to working with your child. 

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